Do you know what a revolution is, what it is for, and what it is capable of?

In the history of the world, revolutions have been fought, resulting in radical transformations in various concepts, practical or theoretical, for the improvement of people and guided by people. It all starts with a simple idea that grows, becoming unbearable and unsustainable. Soon, an insoluble problem has a completely new perspective on the horizon, making the human mind the great receptacle of great works and giant movements.

The design market may seem like an ecosystem free of oppression, but this is not true; it is obsessed with money and the power of influence, which weakens the resilience of a good project, whether due to a lack of context or reference. The argument is enough that it is possible to spend less time and less money on anything and that the world is moving in that direction. The wrong direction. The core of design is the project, not capital and its many faces, and being responsible for the company's self-sufficiency is fundamental, given its longevity, but I'm afraid there aren't many people left who think like that and who are really concerned about form and function as a way to create purpose.

That's why Rex Machina was born: as a cry of independence, a revolution against everything and everyone who thinks that good ideas are not profitable, replaceable, or unnecessary. On top of that, we decided to create Rex Machina to cut through the complexity of the creative system and empower people to take care of their image. As a designer, I've always believed that creativity can change the world, and that's why I want to leave a legacy that goes beyond the revolution we're creating.


Rex Machina, a Latin word meaning King Machine.

We all have a machine, a precious body whose ideas originate in the biological, chemical, and metaphysical fields, where ideas live and can exercise dominion over us and govern us in the future. It is to the king of these machines that I am referring, the center of our being, about the dreamer who leads us. We all have names for it: brain, soul, spirit, mantra, karma, psyche, and quo. Whatever we believe, we are driven by the harbinger of restlessness to become better, and it was under that free spirit that Rex Machina came.


An arrow twisted in the opposite direction to the natural one, that is, a revolution, whose shape was built to resemble the capital letter R. It can be used flat or embossed with that polished and futuristic metallic look, making us think about the many possibilities we have, just as the arrow itself makes us think about which path could be followed.


_Visual Identity

The visual identity is a special case, which almost jump out of the graphics and were included as part of the precious meaning of the processes and other abstractions.

The large circle with designs in Egyptian is intriguing, mysterious, and not at all self-explanatory, but it gives it a different flavor, as success is not in the ordinary recipe, not design success, nor success as capitalism knows it. The real success of the soul is seeing an art whose meaning completely fills us. This grand circuit surrounded by hieroglyphs is part of a facsimile that creates facts and conspiracies across diverse academic disciplines, including archaeology, history, comparative religion, and Egyptology. It is the second facsimile of Abraham that explains Kolob, the nearest star from which God resides. From inside it, an ideogram similar to a boat represents this hidden redoubt, taken to the last level of services, the room where it is possible to see all the other previous items within itself.


There are four simple processes, as our purpose says they are, that guide us to the completion of a complete project, and they are divided into degrees: The first, the star, not very bright in the night sky but an inexhaustible source of science and history, represent the basic ideas and the first forms of a project. The second degree is the moon, whose phases and revolutions move seas and conduct seasons. Greater than the nature of the work itself, this degree makes the first impressions tangible in reality, whether physically tangible or intangible through the online media. The third degree, the sun, where everything orbits, rules all the previous two degrees and confers stability and strategic fluidity on the design. And finally, the fourth degree mentioned above, Kolob, puts us in the final revolutionary position of creating an online place for the proposal to be self-sufficient, emerge adult, and multiply itself, whether in product or service, around the world.


In art, the machine is the new revolution and new ideas govern.

REX MACHINA was born to end the complexity of the creative system and give people back control over their passion for art, causing a change in the status quo of the market and empowering clients to take care of their image.

Therefore, we want to be remembered not only for the revolution we created, but also for the way we do it. This is the memory we work every day to leave behind, and as we are naturally dissatisfied, we want to be one step ahead when it comes to creativity.

Here, thought meets knowledge, opinion meets intention, and human legacy creates multiple solutions. Because creativity is when form finds the opportunity to become a purposeful function.

DSGN   DSGN     D SG N   
WITH   WIT H    W   IT H
SOUL    S OU L     S  OU      L

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