The lightning and me

The sun is the closest star to Earth and the largest and most powerful energy producer. It is powerful, bright and inspiring, but it is predictable: on day light, on night we don't have light and sometimes you can’t count with it. I don’t like what is predictable. We don't create nothing with it.

The lightning, however, is completely unpredictable. It happens on day, ​​​​​​​through clouds, between the earth and heaven. It is most common before, during and after a storm, what in our lives make sense. The real power of the design occurs during difficulties, when all things are turning dark and chaotic. On this moment, when the air has electrically charged regions, is when a lightning comes, scratching the sky with light and power. There is a good one idea that can change everything. in fact, we can be creative.

In human history, the first produced light came possibly as the first source of fire, essential in the process of personal evolution. Thus, the rays aroused fascination, being embedded in countless legends and myths representing the power of the gods. Further scientific research has revealed its electrical nature, and since then, the discharges have been a constant target of monitoring, in association with storm systems. Benjamin Franklin was the precursor scientist of the lighting and the first to concept the arrester. Nikola Tesla "forgotten genius" of electricity, observing the electricity he invented the alternating current, the x-ray, radios, remote controls, electric motors, lasers, wireless communications and limitless free energy.

I love the lightning and its simplicity, and I know we need of the sun to be alive, like a hearty family. But our lives are not a comfortable fireplace. We need a big snap to go ahead and forward our dreams. With the sun, rest wait, but the lightning can be produced, even being misinterpreted or misunderstood; it will be there, a brainstorm away.

It is me.

It is The Lightining and Me.

Thank you.

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